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Robbie Williams Eternity Lyrics: Close your eyes so you dont feel them, They dont need to see you cry I cant promise I will heal you, But if you want to I will try. I sing the summer serenade The past is done, we've been betrayed, its true. Someone said the truth will out I believe without a doubt, in you You were there for summer dreamin', And you gave me what I need. And I hope you'll find your freedom, For eternity, for eternity. Yesterday when you were walking, You talked about your Mom ...



  1. dose1
    11 Jahre, 8 Monate zuvor

    Wer hat Eternity eigentlich Komponiert? Robbie Williams doch wohl nicht? Ich sage nur Nobelpreis :o)

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Artist: Robbie Williams
Video Titel: Eternity
Kategorie: Pop
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